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Our Top Netflix Picks This Lunar New Year Long Weekend

Long weekend ahead? Here are our top Netflix picks.

Having both the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day in the same week means a long weekend of festivities and celebrations. Or does it? We all know that having too much fun can be exhausting (yes, ageing is real guys), and there will be lots of down time when visiting relatives and/or hanging out with your friends.

The solution to your problem… movies, TV series (or even a mini-series), documentaries – you name it. Nothing beats finding an activity that everyone can participate in and enjoy, that requires minimal socialising, small talk and effort on your part.

But where do we start? The universe of entertainment options is vast, Netflix or otherwise. So, we asked for your Netflix recommendations, and here are some of the top picks:

1. Most binge-watch worthy

For those who dread waiting a week for the next episode, dislike cliffhangers and absolutely need to know what happens next, then a binge-worthy series is what we would recommend. This is also applicable (and useful) if you have rather large chunks of time to kill.

A Korean Odyssey

Image credit: Netflix

“Okay, I never thought I’d be caught dead watching a “K-Drama”, but how can anyone say no to a modern remake of Journey To The West. Hello? Wasn’t that what everyone was watching on channel 8 at 7 pm on weekdays? Anyway, I digress…A Korean Odyssey is part romance part fantasy drama that is immensely entertaining, albeit a little corny. Each episode clocks in at 87 mins, so be sure to clear your entire Saturday afternoon beforehand.” – Lesley, 27

How to get away with murder

“I know it’s rather morbid, but the suspense keeps you going! After watching this you may suddenly think you’re an expert in legal jargon. With the melodramatic twists and captivating cast members, the storyline is simply hypnotising. Most crime dramas are about getting justice and all, so it’s interesting to see the other side of the story – the side of the accused.” – Evelyn, 28


Image credit: Netflix

“My pick would be Mindhunter – a crime drama that delves into the minds of serial killers. It’s an intriguing and intense watch – and time just flies past without you realising it. It’s also based on true stories, so knowing you’re watching something that happened in real life increases its excitement factor. I finished all ten episodes in a week!” – Alicia, 33

2. Your go-to show when you need cheering up

If you’re feeling down in the dumps and are in desperate need of a laugh (we all have those days), we’ve got you covered. Nothing like some old but gold comedy to get you through rough times.

Rick and Morty

Do not underestimate this show just cause it’s a cartoon! If you’re a fan of science fiction (and would appreciate a good laugh while at it), or if you grew up watching the likes of X-Men, you’d like this dark humoured adult cartoon. To me, Morty is also relatable – an average guy (nothing special) that gets to go on insane adventures. Basically, if you’re looking for something funny, intellectual, and with just the right touch of light-heartedness, this show is for you.” – Debra, 29


Image credit: Netflix

I don’t know how Netflix Singapore managed to get this but let’s just say I’m extremely pleased. We all grew up watching Friends and wishing we could be part of Central Perk, and now all ten episodes are finally available in one place. This is also great if you’ve had a long day and would like to watch some light-hearted comedy to unwind. The best part is that you can re-watch it over and over again and it never gets old! – Bella, 25

3. To watch on a date

For those who’d like to cuddle up and actually Netflix (and maybe even chill) this coming Valentine’s Day, we have some rather interesting recommendations for you.

End of the F***ing world

Image credit: Netflix

“BEST SHOW EVER!!! If you’re tired of clichéd romance movies like – The Notebook or Dear John, this is the show for you! I think only millennials can relate to this. Watch this with your mom and she’ll probably be like – “Why are young people like this nowadays…” – Hisham, 28

(It may just be you, Hisham.)


Image credit: Netflix

“If you, like myself, grew up with Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty at Pop’s Diner, then this is seriously a show you wouldn’t want to miss. Granted, the plot can get somewhat questionable at times (lots of loopholes and cringe-worthy quotes), but this show’s charm lies in the nostalgia for those who are fans of Archie Comics. Add on a little murder mystery, and it’ll have you and your date hooked from the get-go.” – Deborah, 28


“If you love fantasy horror shows like Supernatural or Once Upon A Time, Grimm is the show for you. Basically, it’s based on fairytales on crack written by the Brothers Grimm, except the villains are real and they’re kind of more animals than ghosts. It follows detective Nick Burkhardt who is a descendent of the Grimms (p.s. also hot enough to make anyone thirsty), who hunted these creatures for centuries. The series is kind of formulaic…but in a good way, plus it has just the right amount of scares to make it the perfect date night show.” – Lesley, 27

4. To watch at a party

Let’s face it – some parties can drag (or be a drag), and you may run out of activities to keep everyone occupied. Especially family gatherings where people play mahjong till late at night… what is everyone else going to do/watch?  Here’s what:

Ru Paul’s Drag Race (RPDR)

“This show speaks to me on a molecular level… where do I even begin? In addition to the many quotable quotes, RPDR’s essence is positivity. It encourages you to be yourself, love yourself, and be inclusive. I was once at a party and talking to my friend about RPDR. Another girl overheard our conversation and immediately joined our conversation. I made a new friend, just like that. RPDR is more than a show, it’s a community.” – Debra, 30

Terrace House: Boys and girls in the city / Aloha state

“This is the Asian version of housemates or Big Brother. It is a typical frivolous reality TV show about 6 good-looking housemates trying to find love. Expect loads of cringe-worthy scenes of failed dates, frustrating moments of “she should be with that Guy not with that Guy” and loads more. This is the kind of show that grown men would not admit to watching but they’d secretly enjoy the show behind everyone’s back.” – Hisham, 28

Image credit: Netflix

“After watching the first episode of Terrace House, I was genuinely puzzled. Reason being that there seemed to be nothing dramatic or groundbreaking happening, but I couldn’t stop. I had to watch the second episode to find out what happened next. Perhaps Terrace House represents a refreshing change from the reality TV that we’ve all grown so accustomed to in recent times. No over-dramatising, over-the-top outbursts, unplanned (but actually planned) pregnancies or cat fights. It authentically captures the day-to-day interactions of normal people, and not to mention there are (some) beautiful people featured. I still follow some of them on Instagram today!” – Deborah, 28

5. Most inspirational / thought-provoking

Every once in awhile, we watch something that blows our mind. It inspires us to want to be better, achieve more, so we put it on our list of shows “to watch when I want to feel inspired”.

Chef’s Table

Image credit: Netflix

“Chef’s Table is a gloriously captivating look into the kitchens and minds of famous chefs. I must say that it is extremely cinematic and one of the most beautiful things I have seen on my TV screen. A quote that stuck with me from one of the chefs featured: “In order to grow, you have to live at the edge of uncertainty.” – Bella, 25

Black Mirror

Image credit: Netflix

“This show messes with your mind… to call it thought-provoking would be an understatement. Every episode I watch gives me new appreciation for the immense impact technology has and could have on our lives. It’s touches on our everyday habits (social media usage, dating apps usage, parental supervision, virtual reality etc.) and that makes it hit so close to home. It explores issues like, “can one’s soul be uploaded onto Cloud?” Watch to find out…” – Debra, 30

Ultimate Beastmaster

“When Sylvester Stallone creates an obstacle course competition, you know it’s worth a watch. This show is quite simply an insane battle of the world’s finest athletes – with unexpected results. Six-packs and bulging biceps aren’t necessary a help across the course known as “The Beast”, aptly swallowing up those who talk big and fall flat. It’s satisfying – and frankly, quite inspiring – to see lithe climbers and parkour practitioners outlast professional sports athletes and weightlifters.

Having binged through two seasons, I’m inspired to have a go myself. Now where can I find an obstacle course in Singapore?” – Sanjay, 32

Hmm, we can’t say anything yet, but we heard a massive obstacle course will be coming to town soon. Stay tuned and we’ll be revealing more in the coming few weeks!

Pumped up and ready to start Netflixing? Here are some additional tips to help you through this festive season:

Credit: Netflix

Trivia time!

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