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Open Thread: Your Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

We asked you for your best Valentine’s Day date advice and this is what you told us.

There are literally a gazillion date ideas out there, like low pressure date ideas for new couples, V-day date ideas for people who don’t drink, for and even Kardashian-approved date ideas (I kid you not).

Singapore sometimes gets a bad rep as a boring place for couples, but there are definitely unexpected or surprising things to do here on a date.

We asked, you answered. Here are some of the best tips from the pros (i.e. our TwentyxThirty community) on Valentine’s Day date ideas that don’t suck.

Let’s get into it:

Best places to go in Singapore

“Definitely Dining in the Dark or Dialogue in the Dark. Having to experience a lack of sight and rely more on touch opens a good conversation after and strengthens the trust between partners. My experience also made me have more appreciation and awareness of the things around me.  Would love this as part of the suggestion and encourage more people to try it!” – Teo Dawn

“Ice skating on my first date. It was actually really nice and fun! We were both far from professional skaters, so it loosened up the vibe a bit. It’s good to embarrass myself on the first date, falling on my ass in front of my date upon first meeting is a great ice breaker, no pun intended”! – Celine Coleman

[Pictured: Spuds & Aprons at Faber Peak]

“The best date I’ve ever been was birthday dinner at Spuds & Aprons with bae! The alfresco ambiance and night view were amazing. After dinner, we walked to Henderson Waves. Quiet and peaceful, I really love it.” – Lim Pei Ying

[Image Source: Architecture Revived]

“While it may be romantic to see the sunset from Mount Faber, the sunrise can be just as romantic. Bring a lovely homemade breakfast to enjoy as the city skyline gradually appears across the horizon.” – Bong Jeff

“Sleeping with the manatees at the River Safari together with the love of my life. It was really a spectacular night especially for animal lovers like us. The River Safari is a perfect place for Valentine’s day, not only do you get to embark on an amazon river quest, but you also get to meet the lovey dovey Jia Jia and Kai Kai (Singapore’s resident pandas) – Wei Lin Ng & Samuel Tan

[Image Source: Artify]

“Ice Skating at The Rink as well as art jamming session at Artify. Had a nice dinner at a little restaurant – Don Ho, tucked at the back of an alley with good vibes. We ended off the night with stargazing and drinking a bottle of Sakura wine at a secret spot .” – Kazelyn Ko 

“Going diving with the love of my life. Even though we were at the bottom of the sea, I felt safe as I trust my life with him and so does he. Best experience ever.” – Felyn Kim

“Cycling around Coney Island! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fresh air, got closer to nature and I put my gadgets aside for that few hours! This is also a great place for group dates as you can cycle with other friends and their partners!” – JR Tan

[Image Credit: Honeycombers]

“Being a tourist in Singapore for a day! We explore places like Haji Lane, Chinatown, Little India and discover some unique cafes that we never visited before…It was really an eye opener because as a Singaporean, I realise there are many places that I haven’t been to!” – Kelvin Chow

“The best date i had is flying kites and drone at the Marina Barrage around evening time and at the same time have a small picnic there. When night falls, the views there are amazing, especially when you can see the lights coming up! I certainly think this place is a romantic hangout for couples. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that matter.” – Esther Lee

You can plan all you want, but sometimes the best dates are also the most unexpected ones.

“My best date I’ve ever been one was when Fiona Ong flew all the way from Singapore to London to celebrate Christmas with me. We had a homecooked Surf and Turf meal at our Airbnb. She gave me a handknitted scarf for Christmas. She did it because she thought that it would keep me warm in winter. It took her two months to knit it!” – Nelvin Quek

“The best date I’ve ever been on was by far the simplest! We came across an ice cream uncle and decided to grab some ice cream and take a break on the benches at a badminton court. It was 7pm by then and the weather was breezy. Both of us ended up eating our ice cream under the night sky and talking about anything and everything, it really felt like a drama. ️ I guess sometimes the best dates come unexpectedly!” – Vanessa Chia

Of course, it’s who you’re with that matters the most.

“The most romantic date I’ve ever been on involved Penang and its worst flood in recent history. Despite the pouring rain, ankle-high flood and severe toothache that threatened to make this the worst date ever, my date’s ability to hold my hand in spite of all of that to travel to Malaysia to devour iconic Penang food and purchase vintage books together at flea markets made it the best.

It was the best because it reminded me that despite things not going the way you expect them to, you can weather any storm (sometimes, literally) when you’re with the right person. There aren’t any favourites of mine when it comes to planning dates, because as long as I’ve got my girlfriend and the promise of a new experience, it’s always going to be pretty awesome.” – Hilary Ho 

PS: Special shout out to Jasmine. We feel you.  

“The best date I’ve ever been on was a place filled with fairy lights. I was dressed in a beautiful white chiffon dress, and he was so charming in his usual formal wear. In his hands was a box of my favourite chocolates – he knows I’m not into flowers. We stood over the bridge, talking about our future under the stars…Loving this moment, I looked up and gazed at every single one of them…and when I looked back down I realized it was only just a dream.” – Jasmine Teo

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