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Elevate Your Workouts With These Kickass Spotify Playlists

 Kick your fitness regimes into a higher gear.

If getting in shape was one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. If you’ve not been able to keep to this resolution, then more than ever, you’re in good company. With the first quarter 2018 coming to an end (yes, March is almost over guys), some of you may be feeling frustrated by the lack of progress in reaching your fitness goals, or have given up entirely with your fitness routine.

Interestingly, Spotify’s listening data revealed that streaming of workout playlists does in fact increase right after January 1 and reaches its peak around January 24. After that, the number of workout playlists streamed subsides and levels off on February 14. (Right after Valentine’s Day? We wonder why…)

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible to breathe new life into your workout plans. And believe it or not, it may just start with having the right playlist.

No music, no life

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Music is a big and important part of many of our lives. It’s almost like an invisible companion, and many of us associate major milestones or even certain moods with different songs. Like that playlist that was on repeat during your last breakup? Yep.

Similarly, associating certain music with fitness and exercise can help kickstart your motivation to work out, and help you beat the procrastination monster. The fact that there are over 25 million workout playlists created by Spotify users is testament to that.

“Music engages different parts of our brain – emotional, physical and cognitive – all at once and it is a part of how we motivate ourselves on a daily basis,” says Eve Tan, Team Lead Shows & Editorial, Spotify, SEA, HK & TW.

“Spotify users have real lives; they are focused on health, schedules, work, money, relationships. We understand that with proper curation, music can enhance moods, or change moods. Our musical journey is highly personal and our taste and preferences reflect a lot about who we are, what we are doing and how we feel in any given moment.”

Let’s get personal

Photo: Mohammad Metri

Of course, we all have different tastes. To understand yourself better, Spotify’s quiz may be able to help shed some light on your personality, based on your listening habits and personal choices. Once you have a clearer idea on your personality type, there are recommended playlists to help get you moving!

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Here is a quick snapshot of the four personality types:

The Planner: Planners are meticulous individuals who know exactly what they want and when they want it. They tend to stream music from specific playlists, which contain tracks they obsessively listen to.

Playlist recommendations include: Top Hits Singapore, It’s a Hit! and Soft Pop Hits

The Risk Taker: Risk takers are willing to take unconventional roads to achieve their goals. Spontaneity and a sense of adventure is what they thrive in. Discovering new music and/or artists is part of their music journey. And when they do find something new, they are likely to dig deep into it.

Playlist recommendations include: Fresh Finds, Indie Shuffle and New Music Friday

Easy Going: Individuals who fall within this category are generally relaxed and tend to take time to enjoy the little things in life. They might prefer playlists curated by others or may hit play on playlists that suit their mood at that given moment.

Playlist recommendations include: Acoustic Favourites, Chill Hits and Light & Easy

Dynamic: Those who find themselves in this category are seen as adaptable. They are able and are willing to adjust their expectations based on the moment they are in. With that in mind, their music taste tend to vary, allowing them to hit play on various genres.

Playlist recommendations include: Good Vibes, Happy Hits and Mood Booster

Hustle for that muscle

Fitness is a journey, and ultimately the goal would (hopefully) be to achieve a better self. If you’re not a running or weights kind of person and are looking to try something new, the good news is that there are many other options available.

In fact, less traditional workouts are on the rise.

Spotify reported that cycling playlists jumped 86% in the last year, brew yoga playlists went up 137%, and music for an entirely new workout – goat yoga (yoga practiced with a pygmy goat on your back…) has appeared.

Feeling inspired? Check out all of Spotify’s workout playlists for more music to kick start your workout.

If you’re looking for an avenue to get started, sign up for the Road To Regatta – our free series of fitness and yoga classes happening from 17 April to 24 May.

These are designed to help you gear up for the ultimate urban obstacle at the DBS Marina Regatta on 26-27 May and 2-3 June. 

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